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Be a Responsible Driver!


DO NOT Jump your Lane!

Drive and Stay in Lane.

Be Patient and Drive Responsibly!


DO NOT Overtake unless the Opposite Road is totally Free of Traffic and there is sufficient Empty Road ahead of your Target Vehicle/s!

DO NOT Merge in the driving lane at Close Distance of a moving vehicle after overtaking it!

Gain Safe Distance and then Turn Left to be back in the driving lane.

If these conditions are not there, DO NOT Change Lane to Overtake!

Be Patient!


DO NOT drive Fast on Turns!

Drive Slow and Stay in Lane on turns.

In fact, Always Stay in Lane.


DO NOT drive after consuming Alcohol and Drugs that reduce Alertness and Agility!

This can KILL you and others!

If you do that, you forfeit your right to drive and your driving licence will be cancelled.

Be Responsible!


DO NOT use Mobile while driving!

Stay Alert and Focussed.

Driving is risky; someone can DIE!

Drive Responsibly!


DO NOT affix Stickers on Windscreens!

Keep your windscreens Clear.

It is a must for safety and responsible driving.


DO NOT modify Head and Tail Lights of your vehicle in any manner.

The manufacturer’s design is approved for Road Safety.


DO NOT keep your Wing Mirrors folded!

Keep them Open and Adjust for the best Rear View.

They are necessary safety tools for responsible driving.

Look in the wing mirror before you turn.

Turn only when it is Safe.


DO NOT make a U-turn in the middle of a busy road!

It creates Traffic Jam.

Reach a place where you can turn with minimal obstruction to traffic.


DO NOT Stop even Temporarily on the road where flow of traffic is blocked!

It creates Traffic Jam.


DO NOT Honk!

Blow Horn only when Absolutely Necessary.

If Horn cannot achieve what you want it to achieve, DO NOT sound it.

Drive quietly and keep our environment Noise-Free.

DO NOT install and use Extra-Loud Horns available as accessories.


DO NOT play Loud Music while driving.

You lose Situation Awareness and distract others.


DO NOT splash Water on the pedestrians!

Negotiate a Puddle of Water on the road slowly and carefully.

Be responsible and think of others also while driving.


DO NOT scare the Walkers and Joggers training on the road in the morning!

Let them stay fit and healthy. 


DO NOT use Stones as your Chock (Wheel Stop)!

Stones left on the road and roadside may create dangerous conditions and often used in fights and riots as lethal weapons.

Use your Parking Brake or a Metal/Wooden/Rubber Wedge and carry it wherever you go. (Picture)


DO NOT Park where your vehicle can Obstruct the way of other vehicles or pedestrians!

DO NOT let others park in such a way either!

Leave your Mobile Number on the Windscreen of Parked Vehicle in case someone wants the vehicle to be shifted for his/her convenience.

Business activities are Prohibited on the road.


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