Mission Statement

"PROTECT AND SERVE" is the motto of Sikkim Police. The mission of Sikkim Police is to serve the people as guardians of the law, enforcing the law of the land fairly and firmly without any prejudice. It is the duty of Sikkim Police to prevent crime and to pursue and bring to justice all those who break the law. It is duty bound to maintain peace in partnership with the community, protecting, assisting and reassuring the people with its omnipresent service. And it is the intended purpose of Sikkim Police to achieve its mission with integrity, sound judgment and a humanitarian touch. Without these values ingrained in our actions, our mission would be a failure.

Small Logo

Therefore, in accomplishing this mission, Police personnel must be calm, compassionate and courteous, acting with an impartiality that will bring the criminal to justice no matter what his social standing may be. It is the greatest mission of Sikkim Police to reduce the fears of the public and maintain mutual confidence in the act of policing. Sikkim Police personnel must be able to take constructive criticism and carry forward our motto "Protect & Serve."